"Give women what they want ... and also a cup of coffee"

"Give women what they want ... and also a cup of coffee"

SPOKANE, Wash. - A brand new coffee stand has opened in north Spokane that's bound to turn a few heads and draw some controversy along with a Hot Cup of Joe.

Hot Cup of Joe opened at 1602 N. Ash Friday morning. Their customers insist they're coming for the coffee, but eventually the break down and admit why they're really stopping by.

"You make a good cup of coffee, they're going to come back," Chris Mullins said.

Mullins' coffee stand prides itself on coffee, even though its still their first day. But you'll soon find Mullins has a lot of pride.

He's putting it all out there, and poured his life into the stand, to serve the ladies a hot cup of Joe … shirtless.

"Girls buy more coffee than guys do, three to one, so might as well give the girls what they want, as well as give them a cup of coffee," he explained.

That's right. Joe's Bro-istas are part of an all-male, completely shirtless coffee stand.

"Every woman that's come up today that didn't know about it is just like 'Oh my God,'" he Mullins explained. Then the ones that did know are just like, 'Oh my God!"

Mullins, a former male stripper, said his customers enjoy the product. You'll just have to figure out which one.

"Is it really about coffee at all?" Ian asked.

"Oh yeah," customer Taylor Sodin said.

"So what'd you order?"

"I didn't order anything," Taylor laughed.

Mullins insists on making his customers happy and is baring it all, going full steam ahead, and hoping to please customers as many times as they can handle his espresso.

"If this turns out well we might try and have a couple more before the year end," Mullins said.

Mullins says the least they'll possibly go down to is boxers … nothing more than that.