General Store: Ammo sales up 280%

SPOKANE, Wash. - Gun owners across the country are standing up for their Second Amendment rights by taking part in the first ever Gun Appreciation Day.

Organizers of the national movement say Saturday is a time to focus on defending gun rights. 

Locally, gun owners stocked up on ammunition and learned more about what it means to be a responsible owner.

General Store: Ammo sales up 280%

At the General Store, there were no signs proclaiming it's Gun Appreciation Day, but it was clear from the ammo shelf a movement is underway.

John Evans, General Manager of the sporting goods store said ammo sales are up 280-percent over last year.

"Most people come in looking for .223 ammunition," Evans said.

"But we are selling a lot of everything else as well. 7.62 we're out of most of the common stuff the inexpensive stuff, even the handgun ammo," Evans said.

Evans said people are stocking up on ammo because there is so much uncertainty regarding gun control.

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, President Obama proposes universal background checks and banning assault weapons.

"Most of the people that are coming in buying because of those people, they're going, people are going to hoard it, so we need to get it so we can use our target shooting ammunition," Evans added.

At Sharp Shooting Indoor Range and Gun Shop, owner Robin Ball spent the afternoon educating people about concealed weapons permits and pending state and federal legislation.

In North Idaho, hundreds of people also attended a pro-gun rally.