Future uncertain for Joe E. Mann Center

SPOKANE, Wash. - The fate of a Hillyard community center hangs in the balance. Members of the Spokane City Council and community members gathered Thursday night to discuss what should be done with the Joe E. Mann Center.

Future uncertain for Joe E. Mann Center

Originally, Spokane Public Schools planned to buy the building and turn it into a training center. However last year vandals caused thousands of dollars in damage, rendering it unusable, and the school district changed their plans.

At Thursday's meeting, Hillyard community members let City Council President Ben Stuckart know what they would like to see the center become.

"It's going to be a very difficult decision and process to go through, I think," Stuckart said. "The building comes with problems, but when it's a gateway to Hillyard we really need to do what's right for the community."

Stuckart and other members of the council will consolidate the feedback from the meeting and write up a formal request for proposal later this month to get the ball rolling on making the center usable.