Fundraiser helping families of fallen airmen

SPOKANE, Wash. - A fundraiser to support the families of the fallen Fairchild airmen is going better than anyone expected.

Organizers originally hoped to sell 200 shirts but in 5 days, they've already sold 2,600.

Brandy Tiffany is the one organizing the fundraiser. Tiffany and her husband were based at Fairchild for years. They left Spokane in 2009 and now live in Kansas. Tiffany's husband is a KC-135 pilot, who's currently deployed overseas.

Fundraiser helping families of fallen airmen

After hearing about the crash, Tiffany created a commemorative t-shirt to send to her husband to show support for the three airmen.

"I just figured well there might be some other people interested and I posted it on Facebook and got an overwhelming response," Tiffany said.

So far more than $30,000 has been raised. The money will be split up three ways and given to the families.

"You are getting a fantastic shirt that's going to carry on the memory of this crew and you are also going to donate a large portion for the families," Darryl Thomas Blume, who's also helping to organize the fundraiser, said.

The tan-colored shirt has an American flag on one sleeve and the names of the fallen airmen on the other. A poem about the crash is written on the back.

"I still can't read the whole poem without crying, it brings tears to my eyes every time," Tiffany said.

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