Frozen pipes keeping plumbers busy

Frozen pipes keeping plumbers busy

SPOKANE, Wash. - These bitter cold temperatures have plumbers working around the clock to fix freezing and broken pipes.

The crews at Gold Seal Plumbing have been working non-stop since they started getting calls at 4 a.m. Wednesday morning. They have 25 crews out, 45 people in all, just thawing pipes.

When the wind picks up, it can get into your home's nooks and crannies and freeze your pipes solid.

Dennis Fanara with Gold Seal says it's important to have the heat on in your home and that now is not the time to conserve energy. He said it's good to have your thermostat at 70-degrees.

"As soon as your pipe is frozen, call, get on the list and if you can thaw it off yourself you can call to get off the list," he said.

If you have a frozen pipe, find a place to shut the water off and never use an open flame to thaw it out. You can actually use a hair dryer. Fanara says it works fantastic. Simply dry around your pipe and that will help it thaw out.