Friends, family prepare to say goodbye to Lois Ordway-Fleck

SPOKANE, Wash. - Friends and family are preparing to say goodbye to an 18 year old girl whose life was cut short last week.

Lois Ordway-Fleck died last Thursday when she fell from a cliff at Indian Painted Rocks. Investigators said Monday there's nothing to indicate that Lois' death was anything other than a tragic accident.

How can you sum up her life in so few words? How do you measure the impact of a woman's 18 years?

Friends, family prepare to say goodbye to Lois Ordway-Fleck

"Lois wanted to make a difference," Pastor Donna Sanders said.

How about Lois Ordway-Fleck loved fiercely - anyone and everyone. The first 10 years of Lois' life weren't easy.  Her father made a tough decision to give up his parental rights so Lois could have the best life possible. She found that guardianship in her cousins who lived in Spokane. Through it all, her father still maintained a relationship.

Perhaps that's why she connected with other lost children, the ones she helped save from sex trafficking in Cambodia and Thailand.

"When she realized they needed her and had no parents or because they'd been sold into sex trafficking to love them and to be normal and to play with them," Sanders said.

The fact is you cannot sum up Lois' life in a few words; her impact goes far beyond her 18 years.

"I felt grateful to love Lois, and I was grateful to be loved by Lois," said Sanders.

A celebration of life service is scheduled for 1 p.m. Wednesday at the Spokane Faith Center.