Friends, family hold memorial for Kala Williams

SPOKANE, Wash. - Late Friday afternoon friends and family gathered off Highway 195, near the intersection of 14th and Milton, to honor murder victim Kala Williams.

Williams, 20, was found near that intersection last Sunday.

Family members intended to plant a cross where Kala's body was found and leave flowers and pictures of her at the scene as well.

Williams had been battling drug addiction for years and had been fearing for her life right before she went missing. One of her counselors was the last to see her alone in West Central Spokane.

Jack Williams Kala dad interview

The counselor received a text message later that night from Kala, who told she had found "her man" and "her bed" and hoped God would keep her safe.

Her brother reported her missing April 2.

Williams' cause of death has not been released because, police say, only the killer knows how she died and they want to prevent any false reporting.

Detectives are considering Kala may have been murdered by one of her acquaintances though so far no one has been listed as a person of interest.