Freshmen descend on Gonzaga

Freshmen descend on Gonzaga

SPOKANE, Wash. - The annual pilgrimage kicked off Friday morning as freshman migrated into their new dorms on the Gonzaga campus to get ready for their first day of classes Tuesday.

The first day on campus is chaos at best, sprinkled with some parental embarrassment, meeting new friends, and a little bit of anxiety thrown in to the mix.

Jesslyn Bierman is one of those freshmen, but since she's from Spokane, she won't experience quite as much separation anxiety from her family as many of her peers.

"Just so many new people … I don't know anyone here today," she said.

Her dad Jeff was helping his oldest child leave the nest and get settled in at her new home away from her nearby home.

While classes don't start until after the Labor Day weekend, Jesslyn is already learning a few things while moving in.

"I probably brought too much stuff, so it was a little harder than what I was thinking," she said.

Good thing for her Gonzaga has perfected the art of freshman move-in day.

"We have got a great student crew here, our staff is pretty well organized and we have done this before and so we really look forward to today and the rest of the academic year," Michael Maher said.

Fridges, fans, full body mirrors, parents made sure their kids had the college essentials before saying goodbye, which was both a bittersweet moment as well as a milestone.

"It's exciting. It's cool, you know starting a new chapter of her life and kind of breaking away from us," Jeff Bierman said.

By the of Friday Gonzaga anticipates 1,055 freshman will move in on campus.