Four families looking for new home after fire guts apartments

Four families looking for new home after fire guts apartments

SPOKANE, Wash. - What was supposed to be a woman's first Mother's Day quickly took a turn for the worse after a fire ripped through her apartment building in north Spokane Sunday night.

The fire happened at the Pine Villa Apartments near the intersection of Colfax and Graves Road. Mandi Haggard and her six-month-old twins called the apartments home. Now they're among the four families looking for a new place to live.

"We lost everything. So, that's hard. I'm grateful that my girls are okay, I'm okay and that none of the other families are hurt," Haggard said Monday.

Haggard had just finished celebrating her first Mother's Day when she found herself scrambling to get her babies out of their burning apartment.

"The maintenance manager was right outside my window yelling, trying to put it out. The entire bush was completely on fire and it spread to the building. I turned around I ran and got my babies and I got out of there," she said.

Luckily everyone in the apartment complex made it out safely. Haggard managed to grab her laptop, keys, car seats and enough formula for her twins Brooke and Bailey. The three will be staying with Mandi's sister Jenni until they find a new place.

"All these four units that were affected by the fire, we all have kids and so now we're all out of our homes and have to figure out where to go from here," she said.

The fire started just after 8 p.m. Sunday. According to Spokane County fire officials it likely originated from the outside of the building and made its way into the eves.

"You can see that the awning kind of comes out above the bush, so that's probably why it spread up," Haggard said.

Out of twelve units in the building four apartments are a total loss while others suffered smoke damage.

It wasn't the way any of these residents pictured how their Mother's Day would end but, as Haggard pointed out, because of the quick response made by everyone who lived in the complex, they all have the opportunity to celebrate it next year.