Former teacher jailed on assault charge

Ryan Murphy permanently surrendered his teaching certificate

SPOKANE, Wash. - Murphy sentencing vo

Former Shadle Park High School teacher Ryan Murphy is in the Spokane County Jail after he was sentenced for seducing and having an inappropriate sexual relationship with one of his students.

Judge Pat Monasmith, the visiting judge on this case, was appalled by Murphy's actions, saying in court Monday he was every parent's worst nightmare.

The court agreed with the victim's family, saying Murphy abused his position of trust as a teacher and for his own selfish pleasures.

In court Monday it was revealed the victim's parents first learned something was going on between their daughter and her track coach when they were paying their cell phone bill and found 10,000 messages for Murphy.

Prosecutors said Murphy groomed the girl from age 16, plying her with gifts and even taking her on dates to the MAC museum and Cliff Park. The woman, who is now 20, eventually realized she was being taken advantage of and when she broke off the relationship Murphy continued to pursue her and that's when she went to police.

In court Monday, Murphy said he accepted responsibility for the pain he's caused to the victim, who is now in counseling.

Judge Monasmith sentenced Murphy to the maximum time possible for third degree assault, which is three months. Monasmith will allow Murphy to work during the day and be jailed at night because he wants Murphy to start making restitution for the victim's counseling sessions.

Murphy has also permanently surrendered his teaching certificate which means his 15-year career as a teacher is over.