Fleet Feet wants to help you get healthier in 2014

SPOKANE, Wash. - Fleet Feet vo

If you're hoping to get healthy this year, Fleet Feet Sports wants to help with a weight loss challenge called "Ton of Fun."

The staff at Fleet Feet know it takes a big effort and a lot of courage to make changes in the way you live. That's why, when you sign up for the Ton of Fun weight loss challenge, they'll do everything in their power to make your transition a success story. All you have to do is commit.

"We would love to see Spokane literally lose a ton of weight," Jessicah Travis, group training coordinator at Fleet Feet Sports, said.

Travis wants people to know this challenge is for everyone, regardless of where you are in your weight loss journey

"Whether you want to lose five pounds or thirty pounds or whatever your goal might be we would just love to facilitate the opportunity for you to do that," she said.

There's a $50 registration fee but Fleet Feet has built in incentives to earn your money back.. Two-percent weight loss earns you a $25 gift card to the store; when you reach 5-percent, you earn another $25.

"The whole idea is to give you incentives along the way to help you achieve your goals," store owner Wade Pannell said.

The incentives are just one way the challenge will help keep you on track

"We have weekly weigh-ins, a Facebook page for people to be involved in, we include nutritionists and doctors to provide online support and just give helpful hints to get people active," he said.

Anything worth having is worth fighting for and the fight for a new you in 2014 will be much easier with a little help.

"It's always better in a group, the accountability you know, you have to come in and weigh in, bring your neighbors, bring your family. Our family is doing it together and I think it is a great way to support each other," Travis said.

And for those of you that are a little hesitant about hopping on a scale don't worry. Weigh-ins are done in private rooms.