Five busted in police raid of suspected drug house

SPOKANE, Wash. - police raid thursday vo

Spokane Police raided a suspected drug house late Thursday afternoon much to the relief of neighbors tired of the crowds of criminals that came with it.

Detectives executed a search warrant at a condominium complex at Augusta and Belt just behind the West Central Community Center. The investigation got its start almost two years ago after neighbors went to their police substation and detailed the problems they were having with situations like fights, noise and discarded syringes.

The drug unit then began the process of making undercover buys at the condo, but were unable to evict the tenant because one of their suspects owns the condo.

People who live around here hope Delbert Simchuck's arrest will give them legal leverage to have this place shut down through the abatement process. The entire neighborhood was affected by the drug house as users stole things they could offer in trade for heroin and meth.

In fact police found a stolen mountain bike during today's raid.

"We know that happens, it's just a twofold process. They usually don't go too far to steal. They do their burglaries and their vehicle prowling. They steal to commit their crimes in and yeah it's just a hub of criminal activity here," Spokane Police Officer Traci Ponto said.

Five people were arrested and taken to the Spokane County Jail to be booked on a variety of charges. Police say neighbors made the difference providing license plates and good descriptions, but it did take time to get the evidence detectives needed to get these search warrants.