Fit Club participants make tremendous strides

SPOKANE, Wash. - It's the final weigh-in for the KXLY Fit Club and both Jamie Myers and Dennis Ridgley have good news to share with supporters.

On January 31, Myers and Ridgley startd their journey to lose weight using the smart phone app MyFitnessPal. Our goal at KXLY was to find out if using a free app can be as effective in losing weight as paying big bucks for a personal trainer or a diet program.

Myers, a mother of seven and small business owner, came to KXLY at the end of her rope. She was at her heaviest at 208 pounds and didn't like what she saw or how she felt.

"I want to dress up, I want to go out and I want to wear cute heels and I can't do any of that, you know?" Myers said back on January 31.

She signed on to the Fit Club program with gusto and hit the gym – hard. Through the weeks, Myers began to lose weight. It wasn't a rapid weight loss, more of a steady weight loss, but it's how she felt that gave her hope.

Fit Club final update

"I started at 208 pounds, today I am 196, so I dropped 12 pounds and five and a half inches, I'm so happy," Myers said.

With 12 pounds down there's no end in sight for Myers.

"A lot more energy for sure, the stamina and momentum that I have behind me I just, it just keeps going," Myers said.

Myers admits the KXLY cameras gave her the kick start she needed, but it was MyFitnessPal that kept her on track.

"Really, looking at what calories are in every single food you eat, that was the biggest eye opener for me and I see exactly why I gained 40 pounds last year," Myers said.

Myers' 10-year-old son Alijah also joined Jamie in losing weight with the Fit Club and lost 11 pounds in four weeks. His goal is to be able to run the ball in football, since currently there's a weight restriction for that position.

Her KXLY Fit Club partner, Dennis Ridgley, has put in the hard work, too. Back on January 31, Dennis talked about how disappointed and embarrassed he was that he had put on some much weight. At the start of the year, he weighed 325 pounds and at the start of Fit Club he weighed 293.

"I'm now 275, so I've lost quite a bit," Ridgley said. "I have to attribute that to MyFitnessPal because just watching my calories going along really has helped me out a lot."

In just four weeks, life changed dramatically for Ridgley. He committed to a vegan diet, started working out every morning – sometimes twice a day – and two weeks in his doctor took him off of his high blood pressure medication.

Now, making healthy choices is second nature. And his new healthy lifestyle is rubbing off on his family. His wife and mother-in-law joined him in his weight loss and together, all three have lost 103 pounds.

"We're looking forward to going for a long walk on Saturday, that wouldn't have been the case before, before it would have been 'Well we'll go out to eat and then we'll go home and take a nap,'" Ridgley said.

He has bigger goals ahead, like running the entire Bloomsday course this year.

"Everyone asks me 'What's the secret?' and all of that and there isn't any secret, it's just eating sensibly and exercising and you just have to move," Ridgley said.

Though this leg of the KXLY Fit Club journey is done, Jamie and Dennis aren't off the hood. We'll be checking back in with them in May.

"Dennis and I both, hopefully we can get together in May and do a little photo shoot and say 'This is where we are now!'" Myers said.

"I wanna [sic] be able to come back and tell everyone that I've lost 100 pounds, that's my goal," Ridgley said.

You can continue to keep up with the KXLY Fit Club on its Facebook page.