Fired pot purchaser hoping to get new job in marijuana industry

Fired pot purchaser hoping to get new job in marijuana industry

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Spokane man fired because he showed up on TV buying and smoking marijuana says he hopes his new-found fame leads to a job within the marijuana industry.

Mike Boyer appeared on every Spokane television station Tuesday. He had camped outside the Green Leaf marijuana store overnight, hoping to be the first to buy legal weed in Spokane. He achieved that goal and the high that came with it, walking out of Green Leaf with a gram of marijuana. That's when things for Boyer got complicated.

"I just got my marijuana legally there and I came back [home] and started smoking," Boyer said Wednesday. "As soon as we got started, I got a message from my employer saying 'You gotta come down here and take a UA.'"

Mid-smoke, Boyer knew that was a drug test he would fail.

"I've been officially terminated for violation of the drug use policy," Boyer said, saying a client of the security firm he worked for saw news coverage and called his bosses.

Boyer is learning the hard way what others in the state will come to know; while buying and possessing marijuana is legal, your boss may not allow it.

Boyer actually lost two of his three jobs because of his high-profile purchase. He still has a part-time job he hopes to keep. But, he seems to be keeping all of this in stride. He posted his resume on Craigslist, leading not with his experience and qualifications, but with his new claim to fame.

"I'm the first guy to buy marijuana legally in Spokane," he said proudly. "I am also now the first guy to get fired for smoking legally in Spokane."

That claim starts the clock on 15 minutes of fame for Boyer. He woke up this morning to find his name and picture on websites and in newspapers around the world. Now, he hopes losing two jobs could help him land one.

"Maybe I can spin this and get a job in the marijuana industry. It's a new industry, they need qualified people."

Boyer still has that part-time job and a little of the weed that cost him much more than the money he paid for it. Add to that a strange confidence that, somehow, all of this was worth it.

"It's very historic," Boyer said. "It's the first time you can buy it legally here in Washington. Somebody had to be the first guy. I can say I'm that first guy forever. History books will go down with me being that dude."