Firearms ownership bears great responsibility

SPOKANE, Wash. - Gun ownership is one of the things that makes this country a unique and great place to live, and while they can certainly be an effective way of keeping you and your family safe, owning a firearm comes with a great deal of responsibility.

Just ask Robin Ball, owner of Sharp Shooting Indoor Range. She's been shooting guns her entire life.

"It's understanding the equipment that you buy and that's where gun safety training comes into play," she said.

Gun safety

She knows firearms so well she teaches people how to use them.

"Even people who are shooters will learn from our classes and they will pick up new tips because we hear things differently from different instructors," she said.

In fact, at Sharp Shooting they have a number of classes that serve as refreshers for those that know what they're doing but may be a little rusty.

"You've got it stored in your nightstand for ten years, you're not going to be as adept at using it when you need it, so we encourage a lot of practice and a lot of training and a lot of thinking through the process," she explained.

That's important when it comes to protecting the ones you love.

"Have a plan in place before they need it, if you wait to develop a plan when you need it its too late," Ball said.