Fire departments prepare for fire prevention week

SPOKANE, Wash. - Every three hours in the United States, a person dies in a house fire. Firefighters said it's an alarming statistic that could be drastically reduced. That's why fire crews around the country are taking part in National Fire Prevention Week.

"It's important to take steps now to protect yourself this year," said Karl Newman with Northwest Insurance Council.

One important step is to create a fire escape plan for your home with at least two ways out of every room. It's so important to make sure your smoke detectors work and to  change them out every 10 years. Newman says now is also a good time to take an inventory of your home.

Fire departments prepare for fire prevention week

"The best place to start is to take out your smart phone and open all your closets and cabinets and walk through your home and create a video. Then transfer that to a DVD and put it in a safety deposit box," said Newman.

A house fire can happen anytime but Newman said we're particularly vulnerable during wildfire season. The unseasonably dry conditions mean we aren't out of the woods just yet.

"The first thing is to be sure you have that defensible space, 30 to 100 feet around your home. Make sure you (also) don't have a flammable roof," said Newman.

It's the best to thin out your trees so that fire can't spread from treetop to treetop. It's also important to review your insurance policy for homeowners and renters.

"We have this beautiful area to live in and we are just encouraging people to think ahead, be prepared and if something does happen you are way ahead of the game," said Newman.