Fire crews rescue dog from Spokane River

Fire crews rescue dog from Spokane River

SPOKANE, Wash. - A dog on the run since Tuesday night's thunderstorms was found stranded precariously on a ledge along the Spokane River and had to be rescued by fire crews Wednesday afternoon.

Rescuers say one wrong move would have sent the dog down the river.

Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service officers believes Dana the dog escaped her home Tuesday night after being spooked by thunder, something SCRAPS said it sees happen to many dogs during thunderstorms.

SCRAPS tried to locate Dana Tuesday night at the Spokane County fairgrounds, where they believe she was running around scared, but didn't locate her until Wednesday, when she made her way to Riverfront Park.

"I see these kids chasing this little dog, I was kind of watching the scene unfold, it ran off, it ran down here as fast as could be, ran to the very edge and leaped over like horse," said eyewitness Rhonda Driskill.

Dana was found along the edge of the river below Canada Island, and the Spokane Fire Department was called in to conduct a technical rescue, lowering a firefighter down to the river's edge to bring Dana to safety.

SCRAPS said this incident should be a lesson for every dog owner. If your dog gets anxious during thunderstorms make sure to secure it inside your home. If the anxiety is bad enough vets can even issue prescription sedatives for your animal.

Because Dana was registered with the county and was wearing tags she was reunited with her owner at the scene.