Fire causes Spokane medical building to collapse

SPOKANE, Wash. - Fire causes Spokane medical building to collapse

Firefighters on a three alarm fire in North Spokane had just seconds to escape before the building became engulfed in flames.

The fire broke out just after 4:00 p.m Friday inside the Mayfair Medical Building across the street from Holy Family Hospital.

"We had crews on the first floor and on the basement, they were pulling ceilings, actively looking for fire, never saw any fire at all in the basement or the first floor," Spokane Fire Chief Bobby Williams said.

"Just in a matter of a few seconds, maybe minutes, conditions changed drastically. We speculate there was a crawl space on the far west end of the building. We speculate that the fire was burning in that crawl space, unbeknownst to us and when it let go, it let go with a vengeance. And that's what caused the conditions to change so rapidly," Williams added.

The fire department said two firefighters were treated for minor injuries.

The fire burned well into the night and at some point the building collapsed. By morning, clean up crews were sifting through the debris and fencing off what was left.

The office building was home to several dental clinics. The fire is now under investigation.