Files detail Stephens' fall from force

SPOKANE, Wash. - Scott Stephens IA

Newly released files are shedding light on the fall of former interim Spokane Police Chief Scott Stephens.

In December, Stephens was placed on administrative leave; just months earlier he'd been in the running to become the chief of police. Instead, Mayor David Condon hired Frank Straub, who subsequently ordered a reorganization of the department.

According to an internal investigation report Stephens was upset over losing first the chief position and second became distressed over possibly losing his job as assistant chief.

The report says he told two officers he was going to go home and get a rifle and that no one would blame him if he went "postal."

When confronted by Straub about the comments Stephens first denied making them, then couldn't remember and then became confused about what he said.

By the end of the discussion with Straub, Stephens admitted the comments were inappropriate and he would apologize for making them.

He was then placed on administrative leave.

In April Stephens settled a wrongful termination claim with the city for $190,000 and retired from the department. A retired judge, hired by the city to investigate the matter, found Stephens could have been treated more fairly and Condon decided a settlement was appropriate.