Fifty year tradition continues in "Ham on Regal"

SPOKANE, Wash. - Since 1963, a group of parents and teachers has carried on a unique tradition to raise money for their kids at Ferris High School.

This year they're celebrating the 50th anniversary of the always-original plan "Ham on Regal.

Parents start rehearsing at the beginning of February with a minimum time commitment of two days per week, so it's no wonder that in the 50 years they have been putting on the show they've raised $1.6 million for Ferris High School.

Fifty year tradition continues in "Ham on Regal"

Lisa Reghar has been a part of the show for five years now.

"Start off small. Usually as parents you start off with one or two chorus numbers and then you kind of graduate and do a lot more each year. So this year I am in seven numbers," she said.

Ham on Regal has around 300 parents this year, and participants say it promises to be the best one yet.

"From that one show, we now have a legacy that has lasted 50 years, and it's woven into the tradition at Ferris High School that brings the South Hill and we think the greater Spokane community together," said parent and participant Tim Pearson.

The show opens to the public Wednesday night.