Ferris preparing to share $85M renovation project with alums

SPOKANE, Wash. - Ferris remodeling

There's a celebration in Spokane this weekend, 50 years in the making, as Ferris High School is holding a reunion for every proud Saxon to ever walk the halls at the school.

At the reunion one of the things the contractors and Ferris want to show off is the new library. It may be bare and dry right now but by late fall it will be full of books for all of the students at the school.

The $85 Million project is one year away from completion, but Ferris alumni visiting this weekend will see a number of new features they're not used to.

"For them to see this new building during this reunion is exciting I think," Spokane Public Schools Capital Projects Manager Gregory Brown said.

In addition to the new library, there's a new commons area, double the size of the previous one, so students can actually eat lunch together.

"This room has radiant heating in the floor and so, in order to keep the warm air down to where all the people are, we have these fans here that circulates the air and makes sure it stays close to this level down here," Brown explained.

Classrooms are also optimized for natural light and technology friendly education.

"We do have smart boards in every classroom, we have wireless internet in all the classrooms," Brown said.

The auditorium is coming along as well, with more seating and improved sound and lighting.

The campus will be completely walkable inside, so no more going from building to building in the snow. It's a feature that's more comfortable but also boosts security.

"But if you chose to you could go out the end of these wings, so if I had a class here and my second class was here I could go out this wing, through a protected courtyard, which we have yet to finish, and into another part of the building without ever leaving the security of the campus," Brown explained.