Ferguson's Cafe prepares to open its doors

SPOKANE, Wash. - A legendary Spokane neighborhood is almost complete again. Last September, a devastating fire ripped through Ferguson's Cafe and the Milk Bottle in the Garland District.

After months of rebuilding, the Milk Bottle reopened in May and Ferguson's is expected to fire up the grill as soon as Monday morning.

"Everybody in the whole neighborhood is very cooperative and patting me on the back," Ferguson's owner Dave Jones said.

While the crew at his historic restaurant puts on the finishing touches, the rest of the street anxiously waits.

"It's so perfect," Kristine Ritchie, owner of the Milk Bottle, said.

Her restaurant knows first-hand what the rebuilding process is like. Seven months after the fire, they started serving shakes and burgers again.

"This whole neighborhood really needs each neighbor to be open and thriving because we support each other," Ritchie said.

Just down the way from Ferguson's, the Garland Theater is also anxiously waiting for the cafe to start cooking again.

They have always been a big attraction at the Garland and they have been here forever and it's great to have it back together again," Ciera Breithaupp, manager of the Garland Theater, said.

Last fall, the theater hosted several fundraisers for the two beloved restaurants. "We just had to help them out," Breithaupp said.

Ferguson's is hoping to open Monday at 11 a.m. or at the latest on Tuesday morning.