Father's Day extra special for two Spokane homeowners

SPOKANE, Wash. - Father's Day extra special for two Spokane homeowners

It's a special day for dads across the world and it all began in Spokane! Father's Day was founded here back in 1910 by Sonora Smart Dodd.

Sonora lived at a charming craftsman home in the Perry District for almost four decades. Jerry and his wife Beverlee Numbers own the home on 603 South Arthur Street.

"We always welcome people who knock on the door," Jerry said.

The Numbers are not related to the Dodd family but you'd never know it. "We gathered so much information about the family that we were able to share that we did training session with family about the importance," Jerry said.

In 1910, Sonora created Father's Day as a way to honor her dad. 103 years later, it's celebrated in over 50 countries but it's always an extra special celebration in Spokane where on Sunday the Numbers gave tours of the historic home.

"They get to see the house in its natural state," Jerry said.

The home is filled with old Dodd family treasures like Sonora's dolls, dresses and mugs. The old floor is still in tact, the outside light still the same.

"This house is now listed on the National Register as a National Landmark and it's the only home listed as a National Landmark because it is significant to the world rather than just Spokane," Jerry said.

Jerry is a Father's Day history buff, an impromptu tour guide and a dad himself who on Sunday got to celebrate Father's Day showing off where it all began.

"We have always welcomed showing and sharing the story of Father's Day," Jerry said.