Facebook Foie Gras Flap boils over at Sante

SPOKANE, Wash. - There's a flap over Foie Gras on Facebook, where popular French restaurant Sante is catching heat for serving the delicacy.

Chef / Owner Jeremy Hansen says the flap started over a misunderstanding. The misunderstanding isn't that they don't serve Foie Gras - they do. Hansen says it started over an article posted online that was written two months ago.

The article's author uses satire to describe a food author's visit to the restaurant in which she demonstrated how to de-bone a rabbit. It then takes a dramatic turn in describing the rabbit's sacrifice.

Now all of a suddent Hansen says he's being accused of torturing and killing a rabbit. Then came the Foie Gras flap.

Since the post about a week ago he has received threats that someone will "stomp his head" and a group threatening to shut down his restaurant.

So Hansen has invited his nay-sayers to a meeting on April 10 to discuss this disagreement like adults.

"I'll have a moderator there and I want to hear their side of the story," he said. "I'd rather hear it face to face rather than getting stabbed on Facebook or whatever you know? It just doesn't make any sense. That's fine, have your opinions, I have mine, let's talk about it."

Hansen sees their side, he knows there are cruel ways to fatten up a goose, but he assures that he researches the farms where his meat comes from and makes sure they are fed well, raised compassionately and slaughtered that way, too.

One critic of Sante's Foie Gras couldn't do an interview on camera for this story but said she's going to try to make it to Hansen's town hall meeting on April 10.