Extreme Team making progress on Bambino Buddy Ball field

Extreme Team making progress on Bambino Buddy Ball field

SPOKANE, Wash. - The KXLY4 Extreme Team is into its third day of turning a baseball diamond into a field of dreams at Andrew Rypien Field in north Spokane.

The construction crew couldn't ask for better weather, and the kids with Bambino Buddy Ball are extremely excited to have a new place to play ball.

When spring arrives and the weather warms up, it's time to play ball. You don't have to be in the major leagues to know that. Baseball is alive in today's youth, just look at the Bambino Buddy Ball league in Spokane.

It's not always about knocking it out of the park. For the buddy ball players, it's just about playing this great game. The league was created just for kids with special needs.

The field at Webster Park isn't in great shape, choked with weeds and rocks, making it difficult to get around the bases in wheelchairs.

"Sometimes some people aren't paying attention and they kind of go a little too fast and they tip over," player Jeffrey Archer said.

More than anything these kids need a safe environment, one where they can run fast and not worry about going down.

"We want a safe place where our kids aren't going to go out of a wheelchair, we want a place that our kids can run the best they can, even if they can't run very good right," organizer Leslie Sigrah said.

So when the "Diamonds and Dreams" contest kicked off, buddy ball supporters wrote in, hoping they'd be picked. The Extreme Team and Hometown Chevy Dealers just couldn't say no.

"I didn't think we were going to win, but we won," Jeffrey Archer said.

After all these years Bambino Buddy Ball will finally have a field of its own. The new field will have wheelchair accessible dugouts and wheelchair-friendly base paths. Instead of worrying about getting hurt, they can focus on what matters most.

"We want them to have fun, enjoy the sport and keep coming back for more," Sigrah said.

"We won't have to be running around going on playing on other people's field, we will have our own field to have fun and play baseball," Archer said.

Stay tuned to KXLY throughout the week as the Extreme Team continues its work on the new baseball diamond in preparation for its big reveal Thursday.