Extreme Team helping rebuild Mid-City Concerns kitchen

SPOKANE, Wash. - The KXLY 4 Extreme Team is back at it again. This week they're tackling one of their biggest projects yet, a full-scale renovation of Mid City Concerns, a non-profit that houses both the Spokane Meals on Wheels and the Mid-City Senior Center.

The senior center is a home away from home for hundreds of seniors like Richard Bacon, who comes to mid-city concerns every weekday.

"I'm glad I have a place to come," Bacon said. "This is a place where I can come and relax and make friends."

Mid City Extreme Team

"23-percent of our seniors are homeless so we really are their home and their family," Mid City Concerns Executive Director Mollie Dalpae said.

While they find comfort here, they're confined to a space that's a bit run-down.

"We are just at this point where we can't keep trying to work with this, we really need a more functional area."

Inside the kitchen Chef Misty Lynch and her team of volunteers cook 300 meals a day, 230 for Meals on Wheels and 70 for the senior center. But the cramped kitchen doesn't work well.

"We have lots of volunteers and they are sort of like crawling all over each other and bumping into each other trying to get the meals out," Dalpae said.

Dalpae said they somehow still manage to make over 70,000 meals a year.

"This kitchen was originally designed just to do some re-heats," she said.

There's just two sinks and a four burner stove to feed 300 people each day.

"It's the dedication of some crazy people that make it work," Dalpae explained.

After two years of cooking in this kitchen, Dalpae turned to Mark Peterson for help.

"I asked him if he knew anyone with cabinets because our cabinets are falling apart and he walked in and went 'Oh no this is way more than cabinets'," she said.

The Extreme Team will completely renovate and expand the space and spruce up the main room. Of course, Mark and the gang have lots of other secret projects up their sleeves.

"It just doesn't work any longer and we have been struggling to keep it going and St. Mark walked in," Dalpae said.

"It's going to be so wonderful, the seniors really, really deserve it," Chef Misty Lynch said.

With such a big project, and Thanksgiving right around the corner, the team is already hard at work. They've started on the demolition and some of the painting and plan to have everything wrapped up by Thursday afternoon.