Extreme Team goes extra mile for Bambino Buddy Ball

Extreme Team goes extra mile for Bambino Buddy Ball

SPOKANE, Wash. - The KXLY 4 Extreme Team joined Hometown Chevy Dealers for a very special Diamonds and Dreams makeover, going the extra mile to help promote self confidence for Bambino Buddy Ball.

It started with a special team of kids that needed a one of a kind field.

"Every year it's a struggle to get the fields to where I can have kids like Caleb in wheelchairs not go head first out of their wheelchairs," organizer Leslie Sigrah said.

Mark Peterson, the KXLY 4 Extreme Team and the Hometown Chevy Dealers answered the call.

"Ladies and gentlemen it is my pleasure to welcome to our new Extreme Team Diamonds and Dreams family … Bambino Buddy Ball baseball," Peterson said during the announcement of the new field

What happened next exceeded our wildest dreams. Mark, our own pied piper of paying it forward had businesses near and far, even the Washington National Guard, jumping at the chance to help out.

"It's pretty hard not to buy into this," Don Emde with Sierra Stone said.

Together they created a field of dreams where the kids can walk, run or roll their way across home plate.

"When you first showed me this, it was just grass, and look at it now. It's just unbelievable," Andrew Talley with Hometown Chevy said.

And the only payment required was the smiles on the kids' faces when they saw their new baseball field.