Extreme heat poses safety threat to pets

Extreme heat poses safety threat to pets

SPOKANE, Wash. - A passerby noticed the two pit bulls tied to a fence without any shade or water. SCRAPS was called to investigate, but it was too late.

Nancy Hill with SCRAPS said an animal protection officer responded, and found one of the dogs had passed away.

"The deceased dog we expect died of heat stroke and we went to try and take it's body temperature and it was so high it wouldn't register on the thermometer," said Hill.

Scraps said the dogs were left outside with no shade or water.

"It's our understanding that the owners were home," said Hill. 

When SCRAPS arrived on scene at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, they were told the dogs hadn't been checked on since 7 a.m.

With temperatures climbing into the triple digits, Hill said it's critical to consider your animals safety.

"Ideally the pet should be inside and in air conditioning. Dogs do not tolerate high temperatures well, they're wearing a fur coat, they don't sweat like we do, they need to have plenty of fresh water," said Hill

Hill said it's not only important to leave your animal in the shade, but continuous shade.

"A lot of time owners will put their dogs out in the yard or on a porch and it's in the shade, well the sun moves during the day what might have been shady when you took the dog out, it might not be shady later," said Hill.

Hill recommend waiting pools for your animals to climb in and out of to cool themselves off. She also suggests knowing their habits, "If there is any risk of the water being tipped over, put out multiple water containers."