Ex-wife of triple murder suspect testifies in court

Ex-wife of triple murder suspect testifies in court

SPOKANE, Wash. - A terrified woman took the stand Tuesday in Roy Murry's triple murder trial. Amanda Constable, Murry's ex-wife and the only survivor in a premeditated attack that killed three people, began her tearful testimony in the case.

Constable is so afraid of Murry that she asked the judge to let her take shelter in the witness stand before Murry was led into court.

From the very beginning of this trial, prosecutors alleged Murry wanted to kill Constable and her family as soon as it appeared the couple were breaking up.

"Amanda Murry knew that she could not be the one to ask for a divorce. She was too concerned about how her husband, Roy Murry, would react if she did," Jack Driscoll, Chief Criminal Prosecutor, said last Wednesday during opening statements.

Constable is now using her maiden name and told the jury her ex-husband didn't get along with his in-laws and Terry Canfield's rules about no guns in their house.

"He didn't always follow it. Sometimes it would just be in his bag, I think," Constable said.

Friends and ex-family describe Murry as a man obsessed with guns, someone who had often contemplated the steps he would take to get away with murder. Murry called it "scooting and shooting."

The lead detective in the case detailed Tuesday what was found inside Murry's Lewiston apartment. It included a ballistic vest and flex cuffs, the plastic zip ties that can be used to hold people against their will. Detectives discovered hundreds of rounds of ammunition, which isn't that unusual in this part of the country,, but a lot of the ammo boxes contained the same caliber and brand of ammunition that was used to kill Murry's in-laws inside their Colbert home.

Then, inside Murry's trashcan, detectives found what's been labeled as Exhibit 5-42.

"Earlier when I pointed out the side of the house, I pointed out those garbage cans," Det. Kirk Keyser, Spokane County Sheriff's Office, said. "We searched those cans and I found an item in there that is a marriage announcement with photographs of Roy and Amanda."

Constable continues her testimony Wednesday.