EWU calls for substitute band members

CHENEY, Wash. - A big part of football games is getting fans and players pumped up, but it's winter break for Eastern Washington University, meaning most band members have gone home.

To make sure EWU had enough people to get the crowd going during the semifinal football game against Sam Houston state, the school posted a request in the Spokesman Review, asking for substitute band members for the day.

"It's really exciting to have so many band members, former band members, all together at the same time," said Steve Schwalbe, an EWU alum.

EWU calls for substitute band memebers

Schwalbe played the trumpet for four years and he said he is ecstatic to be back at it. He is one of a hundred people who saw the invitation and jumped at the chance to head back to college for the day.

"It's the spirit! It's great! Root on the team to a victory in the semifinals and if they win they go to the finals in Texas, what's not to like?" said Schwalbe.

"It gives us a chance to mix up with the college kids," said Paul Beebe, another substitute band member for the day. "They need us old farts to fill in, ya know?"

Current EWU student Bailey Noble said young or old - they're all here for the same reason.

"It's great to finally see a fun room of musicians who are there for one goal – to get everyone pumped up for the game," said Noble.

"This is all about entertainment," said Schwalbe. "You got the football team, but you need the band, the cheerleaders, the tailgating. Its all a package."