Everyday Hero Nancy Pemberton goes above and beyond for her students

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Thousands of high school students across our region graduated this month. It's an exciting time to take that next step, and there's one woman who's working extra hard to make sure students are prepared.

Nancy Pemberton works at Rogers High School to make sure all seniors get the chance to realize their future potential. She wants to make sure the college application process is as easy as possible.

"I work everywhere with the kids. Everything from college applications to career choice and degree major and then how they're going to finance it," she explained. "We kind of joke this year you need a college degree in order to get into college. The process is very difficult and I've fun into road blocks, but one of the things that I think is special for the kids is that I have a lot of community contacts, so if I don't know an answer to something or I'm having trouble maneuvering the system, I can call personal people at the colleges or financial aid offices or whatever so I can find out answers for the students to help them."

The results of her efforts are easy to see. Rogers senior Carson Murray was just awarded a full ride Gates Millennium Scholarship. Murray says that it was Nancy's faith that made all the difference.

"I probably would've never had the faith in myself to be able to get a scholarship like that. I would have never applied and I would have been scrambling on financial aid, student loans would have been stacking, so I mean she took me under her wing and she said you're going to do this," he told us.

Even years later after Nancy's students have moved on to college, she still hears from them.

"And when they go to college when they actually graduate, sometimes I hear that they graduate and I had some students come back this year so this one's from WSU and he wrote to me, so he just graduated from Washington State University and he said 'Nancy, where do I begin? You are the reason I went to college and attended WSU, you changed my life and I will always have tremendous love and respect for you, thank you for helping me reach this milestone in my life.' So yeah that was really special that they come back," she said.

Nancy knows that investing in students is investing in the future. Going above and beyond is just another part of this Everyday Hero's life.