Employees preparing for North Spokane Lowe's opening

SPOKANE, Wash. - With less than two weeks until the official opening of the North Spokane Lowe's the excitement is building, especially because this store is so much bigger than the old Lowe's.

How big is the new facility compared to the old store, lo9cated two blocks away. The Garden Center is three times the size of the old one at 32,000 square feet.

The store is also better organized, so a big project is made easier by having all the supplies you need grouped together.

North Spokane Lowe's opening soon

Managers hired about 100 temp workers through October to help them open the new store, and all of the familiar faces of the old Lowe's staff will be at the new one to greet you on opening day.

"I've been with the company almost nine years and it's been something we've talked about and now here we are in the building, you know, we're a couple weeks away, and this is real and it's happening and I've been a part of it so it's really awesome," Assistant manager Nate Kennicutt said.

It might as well be Christmas morning in the plumbing section for Kennicutt, where he loves the new displays which help customers visualize how the parts would work in their home.

The new store doesn't open until Oct. 25 while over at the old store everything right now is 20-percent off.