Elementary students head to Camp Hutton for the year

Elementary students head to Camp Hutton for the year

SPOKANE, Wash. - Day one of the new school year is in the books for many kids, but for students at Hutton Elementary it marks a new beginning.

While their South Hill school is being renovated, Hutton will spend this school year in the old Jefferson Elementary at 37th and Grand.

Hutton students are spending this school year going camping, filling the old Jefferson Elementary – now called Camp Hutton -- hallways as another school year kicked off.

We're calling the school Camp Hutton to distinguish us from our typical location and also to distinguish us from the new Jefferson school," Parent Teacher Group president Kimberly Cleary said.

From t-shirts, classroom decor and the sign out in front of the school students and staff have embraced their temporary home.

"Over the summer staff put in just a tremendous amount of hours getting the building ready, you would never know we were just here for the year," Principal Chuck Demarest said.

Demarest said the only change is the location; the excellence they have pushed for years will continue. However that change in location doesn't come without issues, the primary one being transportation.

"Even though it isn't that far from our original school site it doesn't mean that all of the kids need to get bussed here," Cleary said.

With three schools being in such close proximity the school is urging students to ride the bus.

"For 80 percent of our kids riding a bus is brand new," Demarest said.

The school says parents have been more than flexible with the changes so far because everyone knows what's in store for next year.

"We'll certainly have new technology, we'll have hot water for the first time ever," Demarest said, adding it was time for the nearly 70 year old building to be updated.

One thing that won't be updated is the school's decades old charm.

"Hutton is an amazing building, the facade and the original part of the building so what what people are used to will look the same," Demarest said.