Election stressing you out? You're not alone

Election stressing you out? You're not alone

SPOKANE, Wash. - This has been called one of the nastiest presidential elections in recent history and it turns out it's affecting people's mental health.

Election Stress Disorder is a real thing and it's gaining a lot of recognition thanks to this presidential election.

More than half of adults in the country say this election is a significant source of stress according to a study done by the American Psychological Association.

Some local voters say they understand why the election is stressing people out.

"Everybody's saying they don't like who is running," said Jannell Roles before she dropped her ballot at the library on Monday, "So we don't have two good clear choices."

Both Democrats and Republicans report a significant amount of stress according to the study.

Some local voters say they are not personally stressed over the election, but they can see why other voters are feeling the pressure.

"Not too stressful, I pretty much knew who I was going to vote for from the beginning," said local voter Alan Daugherty, "While I'm confident the American people know what is at stake, I can understand how people would be anxious."

What most can agree on is that this election is unlike any other.

"It has been different yes," said voter Ernie Vollmer, " I don't remember any election where people were so upset over the opponents. I mean there's no cooperation whatsoever."

There's also concern that the lack of cooperation will carry on past Tuesday's election.

"Whoever wins," said Vollmer, "I think it's going to be difficult for the country to recover from this."

But local voters are also hopeful that after the election, no matter who wins, the American people will come together, even if the parties cannot.

"I'm depending on the country to be strong," said Vollmer.

Here are a few tips to decrease your stress after the election:

1. Unplug. Pick a time to check out from all media including TV and social media. The best time to do this is an hour or two before bed... after you watch KXLY4 News of course.

2. Write down your worst fears if your candidate loses. Address them one by one and consider of some of these fears are unfounded.

3.Remind yourself that after Tuesday's election, change won't happen immediately. The new president will not take office until January.