Election makes for good conversation at local diner

Election makes for good conversation at local diner

SPOKANE, Wash. - The 2016 election was stressful for many, but now that it's over and a new president has been elected, how are people feeling the day after?

Meals bring people together, so what better way to discuss this heated election than over a hot meal? We stopped for lunch at Ferguson's Diner to see what people thought about the historic election season.

The lunch rush at Ferguson's looked the same on Wednesday as it did on Tuesday.

The 75-year-old diner has been through 20 different presidential elections. It has served its share of good food and seen its share of colorful conversations.

"I think the people are ready for a change," said Ferguson's customer Joyce Miller.

Just hours after one of the nation's most heated elections, people in Spokane have mixed feelings about the results.

"Honestly, [I'm] surprised," said one Ferguson's customer. "I thought it'd be close, but I didn't think Trump was going to win."

"Trump has this weird charisma, but that's really important. Hillary didn't have it," said another Ferguson's customer.

President-elect Donald Trump called on the nation to unite, saying it's now time for America to bind the wounds of division. Some still have their doubts.

"He said that he didn't like the Republican Party and they weren't cooperating with him, so how are they going to cooperate with him now? That's my question," said Miller.

While the election is the soup du jour, it's not the whole entree. For most of us, life just goes on. Places like Ferguson's will be there when the next election comes our way.

Many people at the diner Wednesday afternoon declined being on camera simply because they didn't want to talk about the election. They said after such a long and heated process, they're happy the election is over and hope the United States can now focus on moving forward.