Eight flee from North Spokane home gutted by fire

SPOKANE, Wash. - North Spokane house fire

A North Spokane family is getting assistance from the Red Cross after fire gutted their home in the 6800 block of N. Normandie Wednesday afternoon.

The fire broke out Wednesday afternoon around 2:15 at the residence located at 6817 N. Normandie.

Eight people -- four adults, three teens and a two-year-old -- were inside the home when the fire started. One of the men inside the residence grabbed everyone and got them out, going so far as to break some of the windows out to get everyone to safety.

Firefighters from Fire District 9 responded but were not able to save the home, which is a total loss. Fire crews battled both the fire and the summer heat while knocking the fire down.

"Typically for firefighters when they come out here they've got all their gear on, especially with the heat, and then obviously the heat that comes from the fire, your body core temperature can get up to 105 or 106 degrees so by cooling themselves down they can get back to normal," Lieutenant Christian Livecchi with Spokane County Fire District 9 said.

Because of the heat firefighters attacked the fire on a rotation and were relieved off to the side with chairs with ice in them.

In addition to county fire crews, Spokane city firefighters helped with the firefighting effort.

The two homes on either side were damaged by the fire, with windows broken out and siding melted.

Three investigators will remain on scene trying to determine what caused the fire.

The eight people displaced by the fire are receiving help from the Red Cross.