Eastern Washington superdelegate throws her support behind Clinton

SPOKANE, Wash. - Now that Hillary Clinton is the presumptive Democratic nominee, Washington State superdelegates are beginning to throw their support behind her.

Eastern Washington's only superdelegate, Valerie Brady Rongey, announced Sunday she is endorsing Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

"Regardless of caucus or primary results, we know that Washington State will be well represented and well respected by a President Hillary Clinton," she said in a statement.

Rongey is the Vice Chair for the Spokane County DNC. She had refrained from making her endorsement until the State Party processes were completed.

"But I have been working passionately for the Hillary Clinton campaign at a very Grassroots level in Eastern Washington," Rongey said.

Rongey said she looks forward to working with the entire Washington State delegation in Philadelphia at the Democratic National Convention July 25-28.

"I will work very hard to bridge any divide between the delegates representing Senator Sanders and the delegates representing the Democratic nominee," Rongey said.