Dutch Bros. donating Thursday funds to Christmas Wish

Dutch Bros. donating Thursday funds to Christmas Wish

SPOKANE, Wash. - Dutch Bros. Spokane is celebrating ten years in the Inland Northwest. They had a humble beginning, but now have eight coffee shops and two more on the way. In that time, they have given to countless charities, but the one they have contributed the most to belongs to the KXLY family.

Buying the right person the right gift isn't always easy, but what if you couldn't put food on your table, let alone presents under the tree?

That's where our friends at 92.9 ZZU step in. For more than 20 years, Christmas Wish gives families who may be struggling a much brighter Christmas.

"We have had the community be good to us, we are good to the community and it's really the community that helps us be good to everybody else," said Molly Allen, co-host of Dave, Ken and Molly on ZZU.

A huge part of that community support has come from Dutch Bros. They help collect donations and contribute a good chunk of their own cash to the cause. And that generosity spreads well beyond the holiday season.

"We love it," said Dutch Bros. Spokane owner Kevin Parker. "We feel like we have the greatest gig in the world."

On his business' 10th anniversary, I sat down with Parker to recall just a few of the many charities and causes he and his team have helped out.

They've raised money for a girl who needed a kidney, donated to local veterans organizations, and many more charitable acts.

It's a decade of giving back that may be impossible to put a price tag on.

"I don't know, I am guessing it is somewhere near the ball park of $1 million over ten years," said Parker. "I am not sure but, it has been a fair amount."

Parker said the success of his business and their charitable ventures is all thanks to his team.

"We train and develop them to become deeper people and we know that Dutch Bros. is a byproduct, but we don't train them to become better employees, we invest in them to become deeper people," said Parker.

That community consciousness has meant more to Parker than any success in the business world ever could.

"It is special when people come by and say, 'Hey you helped my cousin,'" said Parker. "Whether it was Anna Copley or Ken Hopkins or something. It's amazing how many people are connected to those individuals."

You can help raise money for Christmas Wish by stopping by any Sopkane area Dutch Bros on Thursday. They'll donate $1 from every drink sold. Plus, if you buy a large drink, they'll give you a punch card with nine stamps towards your next free drink.