Drivers line up for $2.99 gas in KXLY Great Gas and Grocery Giveaway contest

SPOKANE, Wash. - $2.99 gas vo

KXLY kicked off its Great Gas and Grocery Giveaway bright and early Thursday morning at Divine's at 2nd and Lincoln in Spokane with a bang, by giving people the chance to buy gas at $2.99 a gallon.

Needless to say that created a bit of a busy morning down at Divine's as a number of people showed up for that reduced price gas and as a matter of fact, some said they made more than one trip.

"I was listening to Mark Peterson on KXLY and $2.99 is amazing so I filled up. This is my second car I filled up this morning," David Ainsley said.

Ainsley came by to fill up the first time when things were fairly slow at Divine's. Then things started picking up around 7 a.m., with so much traffic people were waiting for a while for their turn at the pump.

Eric Kramer said it was well worth the wait.

"Great! And it was payday so I finished my run and came right down. I'll be back with my other car too," he said.

Mickey Mead has a hard time remembering back when gas was this cheap.

"I was in working and the employees came in and said hey it's $2.99 over there, everybody better get their cars out there, I was very excited," she said.