Drivers emerge victorious in North Spokane gas war

SPOKANE, Wash. - Gas wars vo

There's a war of prices stirring in north Spokane between three gas stations at the corner of Nevada and Wellesley where hundreds of people reaped the benefits from it Monday night.

Tuesday, all three were at $2.99, 18 cents under the city average, except the '76 is usually one cent cheaper.

"They got us by one penny, but I'm not going to switch," said the manager of JK Gas and Grocery across the street.

 I asked if that one penny gets under his skin.

"A little bit," he responded.

These stations have battled for years, but say the war really started two weeks ago when new owners bought the 76 gas station. Monday, the lowest price on the block retreated to $2.73. Each station fell back a dozen times each.

When the JK Gas and Grocery didn't want to surrender or lose money, the manager encouraged his Facebook friends to join the other side.

"I blew up Facebook to send everybody to the 76 so they would realize how low their prices were, so they'd raise them back up."

At Divine's Conoco, Lauri Port hopes to kill with kindness. She says customer service will help her win.

"The elderly, sometimes they have trouble getting gas caps off with their hands. We have no problem pumping their gas for them," she said.

Prices can help too. Port lowered her price ten cents when we arrived. The fight Monday night, brought honor to her side.

"We had over 650 customers in here last night. That's phenomenal," Port said.

The owners of the '76 declined to comment for our story.

It may just be three businesses fighting over territory but remember, we are the ones that leave victorious.