Driver in non-injury collision killed by passing vehicle

SPOKANE, Wash. - I-90 fatal accident vo

One person involved in a non-injury collision is dead as he was struck and killed by a passing vehicle on Third Avenue near the westbound Interstate 90 on-ramp at Sprague Avenue moments after the accident.

Authorities say a small delivery truck made an illegal right hand turn off the Sprague on-ramp onto Third Avenue and struck a white Toyota pickup truck. The victim, who has not been identified, stopped his car to get out and exchange information with the driver of the delivery truck that hit his pickup.

"Both vehicles parked as the victim driver of the initial collision walked across Third Avenue to speak with the individual that was at fault for the initial collision, spoke with him," Spokane County Sheriff's Deputy Craig Chamberlin said.

After that exchange of information, the victim began walking across the road back to his vehicle. Crash investigators were able to determine that as he did this he was talking on his cellphone.

"He did not look to see if there was any oncoming traffic and unfortunately there was a vehicle coming in the curb or outside lane and struck the pedestrian," Chamberlin said.

Paramedics were able to revive the man briefly when they first arrived. The victim was rushed to the hospital but shortly after that deputies had to make a call to his family to let them know he had succumbed to his injuries.

"He didn't make it through the collision so, just a reminder to folks, cellphone usage, texting is so dangerous," Chamberlin said.

Washington State Patrol troopers are investigating the original non-injury collision while the Spokane County Sheriff's Office is investigating the pedestrian fatality with assistance from the state patrol.

Deputies say neither the driver nor the pedestrian involved in the fatal accident was impaired.