Driver arrested in wake of high speed chase

SPOKANE, Wash. - A driver was arrested Friday morning after leading officers on a high speed chase that wound its way through the city before ending south of Spokane on Highway 195.

The pursuit started in Spokane city limits with Spokane police following the suspect. They later terminated pursuit out of concern for public safety. It was picked back up Spokane County Sheriff's deputies when the car was spotted again.

High speed pursuit ends

A spike strip was deployed at the intersection of Government Way and Ft. George Wright Drive, which the driver hit. Instead of stopping he continued southbound, eventually getting onto Highway 195.

The suspect drove four miles on rims after his tires were deflated by the spike strip. For the last two miles of the pursuit he drove on just three deflated tires as one was shredded and fell off.

The vehicle pursuit came to an end on southbound 195 approximately a half mile north of Paradise Road. The suspect scrambled out of the car, ran across northbound lanes and into a field. Officers caught up to the suspect and took him into custody without incident.

The car, a white Toyota Camry, was stolen.

A Washington State Patrol trooper at the scene where the pursuit ended said he thought the suspect was a skilled driver to have been able to drive four miles on rims.