Drink your way to better health

SPOKANE, Wash. - We all know we should eat more fruits and veggies. So, why not simplify and drink them instead?

Wheat grass is its own enigma, especially to those who have never experienced its uniquely sweet grassy flavor, but at Method Organic Juice Bar in downtown Spokane there are safer bets.

"We put a lot of the right things together just the right taste and people are really delighted that 'Oh my gosh that's fantastic,'" co-owner Tyler Lafferty said.

Downtown Spokane juice bar

The juice variety spans the color of the rainbow: Red, orange, yellow, green -- no purple but there is pink -- all containing your daily dose of fruits and veggies.

"It's such a great quick way to get um nutrients into your body you know and it's healthy, it's fortifying, we want to nourish people," Lafferty said.

"I feel great, like right now I feel energized and I'm ready to go just from juice which is funny," customer Sebastian Lopez said.

And there's more including smoothies and food; everything is designed and made by the team.

"Our whole plant based homemade we have salads, delicious quinoa brown rice bowls that we top with fresh veggies all of our sauces, the spicy peanut sauce and the lemon tahini dressings are some of our customers' favorites," manager Amy Robinson said.

And soon for winter they're planning for soups and fresh hot cider.