Downtown Spokane does some spring cleaning

SPOKANE, Wash. - Riverfront park got a much needed facelift Saturday morning, as dozens of volunteers picked up trash and painted over graffiti.

KXLY teamed up with the City of Spokane and other community organizations to host the first annual "Cleaning from the Core."

"We want to put our best foot forward so when visitors come to town they see Spokane and all it has to offer, just how beautiful it is in the spring time," Hall Patton, a volunteer said.

Downtown Spokane does some spring cleaning

Patton was one of 180 volunteers who spent three hours cleaning up the downtown core and park.

"I love this city and I love downtown and Riverfront Park," Patton added.

Volunteers picked up trash, painted curbs, raked leaves and painted over graffiti.  Organizers estimate they picked up 100 bags of garbage during the cleanup.

"It's beautiful and let's help keep it clean," Myron Bursell said.

"When someone's walking along and they drop something on the ground, I want to pick it up and I often do because. come on the trash can is like ten feet away, just throw it away," Bursell added.

Bursell spent the morning painting parking curbs on the west side of the park, near city hall.

"My knees hurt, my back hurts but I can always be proud that I used traffic yellow, city traffic yellow paint," he added.