Downtown bar hosts fundraiser to support bouncer injured in drive-by shooting

Downtown bar hosts fundraiser to support bouncer injured in drive-by shooting

SPOKANE, Wash. - A downtown Spokane bar is reaching out to their neighbors following a drive-by shooting that left a Lion's Lair bouncer injured.

"We're trying to rally people together," Katie Melikain, employee at Bowl's Bitez and Spiritz said. "We're all one community. We need to function as though."

The shooting occurred just before 2 a.m. outside the Lions Lair bar at Browne and Riverside. According to Spokane police, witnesses said the two men were kicked out of the bar earlier in the evening following a fight.

The men then came back, driving a silver Pontiac Trans Am, and fired multiple rounds at the bar from the sidewalk, targeting the bouncer through the window. At least two rounds hit a window and the bouncer was hit in the leg.

He was transported to the hospital for treatment of his injury. Bowl's Bitez and Spiritz on West Riverside Avenue held a fundraiser Thursday night to help out the victim financially.

"I would love to raise a couple hundred bucks," Melikain said.

The bar is donating ten percent of their sales from Thursday. Erik Hutchinson was one person drinking for a cause.

"We all try to help each other out," Hutchinson said. "When you hear about things like this happening you try to be a part of getting past it and moving on."

Hutchinson said he doesn't know the victim personally, but that doesn't matter.

"I know the bartender and the owner," Hutchinson said. "But still it doesn't matter. I don't know the bouncers that are here on Saturday nights, that doesn't mean I won't come help."

The victim, only known by Todd at this point, is expected to make a full recovery. However, the injury may put him out of work for a little bit. The hope is that the fundraiser will make that time a little less financially stressful. Friends of Todd said that anything helps, but the biggest thing is knowing there's so much support for their friend.

"He's there every night," Chris Hilton said. "His job is to have everyone in the bars back and to look out for everyone in the bar as well as the employees. Its' really nice that we come together and have his back."