Dogs, humans head out to the park

SPOKANE, Wash. - With warmer temperatures, the Spokanimal dog park at High Bridge was the place to be Thursday, and even though the sun didn't show up people couldn't wait to get out and enjoy the change in temperature with their dogs.

Dwight Bowen and his boxer recently moved to Spokane from Ritzville and they are loving it.

"We didn't have any parks out there, the only place we had there were the fairgrounds where she could run, but this is nice because it is fenced, its perfect, you know, I don't have to worry I can let her go," Bowen said.

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For Sheena Bryant the warmer weather means getting rid of some of that pent up puppy energy.

"It's exciting, absolutely, my dogs love it," she said. "We turn the corner and they jump all around the car and bark and squeal and howl and its horrible."

The top pooch of the park is Ralph; he runs the show around the dog park.

"He's Coach Ralph, he likes to encourage the other dogs," Sarah Kritz said.

Kritz, Ralph's human, brings him out to High Bridge rain or shine.

"Well I brought him all winter, I stuck it out through all the snow but he's a lazy dog," she said.

"It's beautiful, yeah, it's really nice, we enjoy when it is like this it is perfect it is not too hot for the dogs," Bowen added.