Doctors renew call for flu vaccinations

SPOKANE, Wash. - Three people have died from the flu this month in Washington, and doctors are reacting by renewing their call for everyone to get vaccinated.

At Group Health in Spokane you can just walk in and get a flu shot. That's how easy they make it to protect you and your family from getting the flu..

"This is usually right around the time when we start to see numbers climb, so the peak usually being January into February," Dr. Deb Gore said.

flu shots

In fact, every year, on average, two children and 25 adults will die in Washington due to complications of the flu. Getting the flu shot, doctors say, is the best way to make sure you and everyone you hang around stay healthy.

"It can cause severe fatigue, high fevers, cough, headaches, just profound debilitating effects so the vaccine itself can really help to minimize that dramatically," Gore said.

If you're avoiding the shot for your kids because, well, they'll cry, there's an easier way to administer the flu vaccination to kids.

"A nasally delivered vaccine, it's a nasal spray and it's given to anyone between the ages of 2 and 50," Gore explained.

You might still get the flu even with a vaccination, but the Washington state Department of Health said the strain used in this year's vaccination is a good match for the virus making its rounds right now.

"People that are at most risk for getting influenza, young children, pregnant women, anyone over the age of 65, anyone that has any sort of immune compromised state, people that have asthma diabetes, or any sort of heart conditions, those are the people that we target especially to make sure that they're vaccinated," Gore said.

Group Health is not your only option if you want to get the flu shot. If you want to know where you can get a flu shot in your area, click here.