Discussion over stolen property led to deadly shooting

SPOKANE, Wash. - McBride murder vo

The father of five children shot to death in North Spokane last week was trying to get a friend's stolen property back when he was killed.

Detectives say Issiah Schauman gunned down his friend, Fabian McBride, after the teen was accused of burglarizing a nearby apartment.

When McBride confronted Schauman about the burglary, Schauman allegedly pulled out a gun and shot him.

"Witnesses did see Issiah drive up to the location where this took place, and Fabian approached the vehicle, the driver's side of the vehicle, witnesses were able to hear some sort of conversation. Then heard several gunshots, saw Fabian fall to the ground and Issiah drive off in his vehicle," Spokane County Sheriff's Deputy Craig Chamberlin said.

Friends and family can't believe Schauman would pull a gun on McBride because McBride was the only person willing to help the teen when Schauman was homeless.

"I just know that this is somebody my brother took care of, allowed to live in his home and turn around and be so angry mad because he got blamed for something or because someone had seen him doing something and all my brother wanted to do is make peace," McBride's brother Derrick Simpson said.

Instead the father of five children died in the street, betrayed by the young man who has accepted Fabian's kindness.

Even deputies are shocked by the ruthless nature of the killing.

"Obviously anyone who is willing to take these types of steps to commit this type cold blooded murder, just over a property crime dispute, obviously is someone who is extremely dangerous," Chamberlin said.

McBride's funeral is on Saturday and his family has set up an account to benefit his surviving children at any Washington State Employees Credit Union. The name of the account is "Fabian McBride Fund Benefiting His Children."