Dinghy's Tavern Midgets return to the baseball diamond

Dinghy's Tavern Midgets return to the baseball diamond

OTIS ORCHARDS, Wash. - Remember your childhood friends, the kids who helped define who you are today? A group of former Little Leaguers got together again, 40 years after they last hit the baseball diamond to play another game together.

Back in the 1970s they were called the Dinghy's Tavern Midgets, and played baseball on an Otis Orchards field. Today they're junior high principals, ballistic missile engineers and even a TV news anchor, but on August 23 they all got back together for another game.

This was the second time the Midgets got back together; they played a game last year, but this year was special as all three of their coaches were able to attend this year's game.

And just like they did when they were Little Leaguers, they ran through their old warm ups before hitting the diamond for another game. And as they played they shared stories and for two hours, the briefest moments compared to the 40 years since they were last on the field, they were Dinghy's Tavern Midgets again.