Diehard shoppers brave the elements for Black Friday bargains

SPOKANE, Wash. - Some diehard shoppers skipped the Thanksgiving feast altogether to get the best Black Friday deals.

Starting at 11 p.m. Wednesday, the line started forming at Best Buy in North Spokane and continued to grow. The shoppers here like family, reconnecting every year over their love for saving money this holiday season.

Sleeping on the sidewalk in the freezing cold requires more coffee than Tracy Gallant can carry.

Black Friday

"It was cold, it was cold, but the nice thing was we knew we had a heater," Gallant said.

Gallant and her husband William set up shop at 4 a.m. "If you want to save money you've got to be out early," she explained, adding that with seven kids and three grandkids she had an organized list of everything she wanted to get for everyone on her list.

For some Black Friday has become the Super Bowl of shopping, requiring strategy, dedication and snacks to stay on top of the game.

"We had like four sleeping bags, a few blankets … we have two things full of Taco Bell, chips, donuts and four this morning," Calem Morris said.

Morris and his friends secured the second spot in line. He's taking the day shift while his friends enjoy Thanksgiving.

"I got a few more hours here and then I get to go," Morris, who's hoping to snag eight flat screen TVs, said.

Haily Smith wants one too. She's wearing four jackets to make it until midnight, when Best Buy will open the doors.

More stores than ever before are starting Black Friday early, trying to cash in on shoppers looking for a good deal.

"Not too happy about it because we're missing out on the whole family Thanksgiving," Gallant said.

Maybe their neighbors will share.

"Our aunt is going to bring us turkey and potatoes and hot cocoa, stuffing, eating in our chairs," Haily Smith laughed.

Thankfully, with doors opening at Best Buy at midnight, these shoppers don't have much longer to wait.